iSee is a global leader in the Ortho-K Lens technology and manufacturing.

Experts In The Field

GP Specialists is a world leader in the field of orthokeratology (Ortho-K).  We offer the largest portfolio of Ortho-K corneal refractive therapy lens designs and have fit patients in just about every continent on the planet.

Research Is Power

Our new iSee advanced Ortho-K corneal reshaping therapy contact lens design is the result of our ongoing research and development in the science and benefits of corneal refractive therapy.

GP Specialists

GP Specialists
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Not all eye doctors are certified in orthokeratology therapy. We can help you find a certified Ortho-K eye doctor in your area or contact your current eye doctor about becoming a certified iSee corneal reshaping therapy provider.


Use our locator or call us at (855) ISEE-GREAT (473-3478) and get a FREE ortho-k patient evaluation!