Sports Vision

iSee Orthokeratology for Active Lifestyles

Ortho-K Has Various Sport Applications

No matter what level of sports you or your child are involved in, you want the best vision you can have. Glasses are a hindrance for athletes or active children or teens, and traditional daytime contact lenses are often equally irritating and inconvenient.

Why iSee corneal refractive therapy is ideal for sports and active lifestyles:

  • Clear unaided vision during activities.
  • Unobstructed field of view and total peripheral vision without interference from glasses.
  • No more spectacles that steam up from perspiration or become foggy when the temperature changes rapidly.
  • No irritation caused by contact lenses.
  • No need to bring spare contacts and contact lens solutions to practice and game days.
  • They don’t fog up or get splattered with rain, mud or perspiration.
  • They provide more stable vision during quick head and body movements

iSee Ortho-K overnight lenses are ideal for most athletic activities, especially for sports where the ability to see without glasses or contact lenses is especially important.   These sports include swimming, diving, dancing, baseball, basketball, boxing, climbing, cycling, football, golf, gymnastics, hockey, martial arts, racketball, softball, skiing, snowboarding, soccer, surfing, tennis, and wrestling.

Active Lifestyles and Sports Enthusiasts Love iSee Ortho-K Therapy

Why Ortho-K May Be Better Than Contact Lenses

  • Contact lenses can dry out, especially during periods of intense concentration when an athlete may not blink frequently enough to keep them moistened. If they become too dry, vision can fluctuate.
  • Contact lenses can sometimes move off-center or become dislodged from the eye, especially during contact sports or if they become dry.
  • Contact lenses for astigmatism can rotate on the eye during rapid head movements and certain postures, causing unstable vision.
  • Eye allergies can be a problem for contact lens wear. Athletes who normally can wear contact lenses successfully may find their contacts become intolerable during allergy season when pollen and other airborne irritants can stick to the lenses.

Ortho-K therapy helps eliminate these contact lens-related vision problems and provides the freedom to experience sports and active lifestyles that traditional contact lenses can’t.